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Community Resources

  • Encyclopedia of Indianapolis: This digital encyclopedia of Indianapolis gathers together the vast amount of born-digital and digitally-archived information regarding the people, places, organizations, events, topics, and more. Users can browse by category, subject, interactive map, or use the index and search features
  • Diversity Roundtable of Central Indiana: Provides a forum for leaders, advocates, and supporters of organizational DEI efforts to network, enhance diversity competencies, advocate for inclusive policies and practices, and hold dialogue on many topics in a roundtable discussion format. The organization also hosts monthly educational events, an annual conference, publishes a blog, and provides resources for members.
  • African American Graphic Design Resources: This group of African American communicators and media makers work to vigilantly re-examine, explore and address problems facing the African American community. They create graphic designs to help clients, friends, and families reach their desired audiences, with a self-described goal is to help create capital and generational family wealth — no matter what color you are.
  • Resources for Transgender and Nonbinary Artists: A list curated by StateraArts. Contains resources for both trans and gender nonconforming artists as well as educational tools for arts organizations, arts activists, and educators to bring to their communities
  • Transgender Media Portal: The Transgender Media Portal aims to make audiovisual work by trans, Two Spirit, nonbinary, intersex, and gender-nonconforming people more available to artists, activists, festival programmers, researchers, instructors, and the public. They work to promote today’s trans filmmakers, bring attention to programming and preservation of older works, and provide access to an innovative tradition of work for trans artists.
  • Resources for Intersex Artists: Gender Unbound is a nonprofit organization that advocates for trans and intersex people through the arts and artistic events. They organize events centered around trans and intersex artists across disciplines with the intention of creating affirming and enriching spaces for trans and intersex communities and connecting attendees to resources vital to trans and intersex people and their allies.